A day at the National Geographic Headquarters and Tours of the monuments.

Today we started off at the National Geographic Headquarters listening to talk by Susan Goldberg, Editorial Director of Nat. Geo. Her talk was about the logistics of Journalism in the digital age. She included many beautiful photographs and videos taken by various National Geographic correspondents. Below are pictures I took from her talk.

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Next we headed off to George Mason’s Arlington campus Where we heard from Brian Lamb, Founder and executive director of  C-SPAN, and Jamie Smith, Global Chief Communications Officer at The BitFury Group. Brian’s talk was actually more of a question and answer session, one where he was asking the questions and we were answering, his questions really focused on political reporting and how avoiding bias can be very difficult when it comes to politics in the news. Jamie Smith’s talk was about her rise in the field and her experience as a young journalist. Pictures I took from both talks are posted below.

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To finish off the day we took a tour of the monuments and photos at the white house. I really enjoyed being able to wander around a few of the memorials and play with my camera gear, sometimes following rules, other times breaking them, my favorite images are posted below and some will have a description of what my thought process behind the photo was.



I really enjoyed the low hanging sun hit the pacific side of the World War 2 memorial.


Above is when I began to use a gradient ND filter, usually used to darken the sky and still properly expose the land below, sideways, to create an interesting effect that darkened only one corner or half of the sky, i really enjoyed the way this looked and continued to use it below.



This photo of the Lincoln memorial is probably one of my favorites from the whole day, The sky spectacularly sweeps from left to right getting progressively brighter, which contrasts the heavy symmetry of the way the Memorial and reflecting pool were designed, and the way I framed everything up evenly.


After getting that beautifully rigid and structured shot I wanted something a little more nontraditional, so I walked to the edge of the WWII memorial water fall area next to the wall, stuck my mono-pod out, adjusted my ND to give me the look i wanted, then snapped my photo. Barely any planning was involved with this photo but it turned out to be my second favorite. I really love how it makes you instinctively tilt your head a bit to adjust for the angle, or if when you look at it without tilting your head it creates a real sense of discomfort and chaos, almost as if all of D.C. is now the opening scene of the movie inception.



Good night for now and stay tuned for more from WJMC!



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